I guess I must be a doormat or something because people think that they can just walk all over me. I was suppose to pick my son up last Friday for the school vacation. I had my grandson, who was home sick from school that day, and he was sleeping right around when i was suppose to go and pick my son up. So I called him to let him know i would be a little late. I got his step Mother who said to me, "oh, Austin went to his friends house down in Mass for the weekend." I was like Oh….okay, he didn't tell me he wouldn't be coming with me.But I was happy he was going to see his friends for the weekend. A little curtisy would have been nice though.

So this afternoon i called and asked if he was home and she said no and I gave her my new cell number and she said that she would have him call me when he got home. Well he got home at 4 and she never gave him my new number. 4 hours later i find this out………grrrrrrrrrrr wth!?!

So anyways, I asked him when he would like for me to pick him up? He really wanted to come tonight and so he asked his dad and his dad said NO…..then you hear the excuse in the background that "oh I'm sick and Janet has to work and I need you here in case something happens". And proceeded to say that I can pick him up on Wednesday……grrrrrrrrrr

I feel like I have no say in my son's life. I didn't loose custody of him, I asked his to take care of him for a month because I had to find a job and get my older too kids out of the house and supporting themselves and quit being leaches. It was only suppose to be for 6 months. Then he tells me I can have him back in two years at the end of the school year, then it was when he was 13 he could make up his mind, now it's he can leave when he's 18.

I have family that tells me i'm a bad mother because I couldn't feed him and I gave him up to his father….That's not what I did!!! But they don't listen. My older two kids know what really happened and they stand behind me. I could take Austin and not give him back bu that would cause termoil and I don't want my son to have to go through that for my own selfish reasons.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I know that this is a very personal story but I had to get this out because it is eating me up inside…..I hurt soo bad that I can't stand it any more.

  1. Andie372 11 years ago

     My son is 28 and has my granddaughter whos 8.  They asked me to watch her after school and I was happy to.  Never once did they offer me money, not even to pay for her snacks.  And, they assume I will always be here for school outages or whatever.  I am, but that's not the point.  They totally take me for granted.  


    About your youngest son, I think you got a raw deal.  With the support of your other siblings, maybe they can make him see what really happened.  

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  2. thumper 11 years ago

    the one thing you should be able to count on…the one thing you should have in balance and have no worries in relying on is family….i have been there for longer then i can count…so i feel your pain and im sorry you have to go thru that…


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