I've known this person for 14yrs, he's been my life for that long and probably will be forever.  We lived together for 10 of the 14 yrs because I had to move back home to help take care of grandbabies and my parents so we've been apart all this time with a few short visits here and there and talking on the phone everyday but I was told that I don't talk enough so he gets lonely, I don't talk enough so he feels empty so he found someone who has all kinds of things to talk about doesn't he realize that will end at one time too?  For the first time I was told I love you but I don't think I'm IN love with you.  so that means I've been lied to all these years?  He has his problems that won't allow an intimate relationship with anyone so I guess the talking took the place of that and now he's found someone else he'd rather talk to but OH he still wants to talk everyday, still wants me in his life….so he thought we didn't talk enough before what are we gonna talk about now?  He was supposed to come live out here with me next month and now he's not coming he wants to pursue this other woman.  I simply told him to send my boxes of my things to me now.  He cried and said he never wanted to hurt me, well lying kinda does that to a person.  I'm extremely hurt, shocked, feel like I've been hit over the head with a brick and my heart has been torn from my body….he was my life, always will be but I have to be strong not to let it ruin my life Oh and he even tried to blame me because he's asked before about talking more about our lives together but since I didn't he was in search of someone who  would, well I hope they are happy together because I know how it will end.  I won't dare say anything but I do know him aside from the lying I do know him and it won't work but he won't be coming back to me, we might be friends, maybe but if you can't trust someone because they lied to you then there's not much of any kind of relationship.  I'm so hurt, so hurt and numb I'm like a zombie walking around wondering who I am now, where do I belong, what will I do with the loneliness, what will I tell my family.  Aside from the talking issue he does  have physical issues and needs an operation that may or mayb not work and could become paralized and at first he told me he couldn't come because of that and I believe that was the truth because his doctor has been working on getting him ready for this and then I asked the question he couldn't lie to and that was did you find someone else.  He doesn't actually lie but he leaves a lot out and if I ask him directly he will answer the question so that's how I found out…..I need  help getting thru this and I know I will at some point but right now it's killing me and on top of stress and making my depression worse, the depression, the depression that kills me little by little….what do I do?

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  1. Aspiretodream 12 years ago

    That's a really immature thing for him to do, and you should let him know that. He needs to learn to appreciate the silence. Of course a new person has a lot to talk about, but that will eventually fade away. He will regret his decision one day… You deserve better, so pursue better, and you will find it I'm sure 🙂 Best Wishes,


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