Dear Jules,

I miss you so much. Tonight more then ever. It’s been years. I just wish you could come back and this nightmare can end. I need you here still. Can’t you see no one forgot you! Everyone wants you back. Please just come back we love you. Why did you have to do this to us all. You said you wouldn’t do it, and now your gone. I loved you so much! I still do! I’m sure you can tell by me crying myself to sleep so often. Your pictures are all over my wall. Those sad songs that are in my itunes that’s because of you. I know you never meant to hurt us. But you did. You thought we’d all forget. You thought we would never care. But we do. We all do. I never even got a good bye. You refused to message me that day. You messaged CC but never answered me. You said bye to her, and she didn’t understand you meant forever and she hated herself for not realizing it. But you never let me have a chance you just never came back and then everything was over. I want one more chance to help you! Just one I promise this time I’ll save you please… Please just come back and give me that chance…. My mom says I’m f*cked up now. She says I’m too messed up to live right without meds and a lot of them. I don’t want that to be my life. I want to be normal how I was. With you here. I want us to be happy and ok. Your not even going to recognize me when I die. We’ll never see each other again. I never get to see my princess again how do you think it makes me feel. Pretty bad…. There have been so many times I wished I would just die so you wouldn’t forget me. Just so we’d still be the same ages so I wasn’t too old when we see each other again. I just want you back. WHY CAN’T I HAVE YOU BACK!!!!!!! Why did you have to leave me. I’m not ok. Nothing it ok. I’m not forgetting the pain. For a little while I was strong enough to hold back my pain and tears but I can’t be strong my whole life not without you. I can’t even handle school anymore. I haven’t done a full year of school since you did it. I just… I need you ok… I’m sorry



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