Good morning ya'll. I didn't sleep worth of shit last night. Mostly I forgot to take a pain pill when I was heading for bed, and just took my sleeping pill, and it just didn't do much of anything, so last night was a long night of tossing and turning. So I for sure see a Nap in my future for today!

I got up around 730, my grandparents had left to go to a Doctor's appointment, and the Lovely dog was jumping up and down in my bed, so it was time to get up. I got up, let him outside and fed him some breakfast. I checked few things online and than I went on a quarter of a mile walk this morning. It was rough, but I pushed through it. I am going to try and get out and walk two more times today. I am determined with the surgery to make it successful. I am being very cautious of what I am eating, I'm drinking LOTS of water and Crystal light, and I am walking like I am suppose to. Exercise has always been my biggest struggle. I have always had lack of motivation to exercise I really need to find out a workout buddy, because right now I am in the "Honeymoon" phase and I am sure eventually it will pass, I just wish I could find someone who will be right there beside me, keeping me motivated.

Its Monday, the Start of a New week. I am hoping it goes well, and nothing strange or bad happens. I am just going to be taking it easy, a few walks today, some movies, reading, and I'll post on here. Remember I'm here for anyone who needs to talk. I have the free time for sure.

Well thanks to anyone who has read this, and have a great day Ya'll 🙂


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