So today turned out beautiful weather-wise and just as a day in general. We hung out at the house most of the morning, and then this afternoon we met up with Zachary's friend at the splash pad park. The boys had a great time together playing in the water, and then on the playground. And we made some new friends. Turns out Joshua's mom also has bipolar disorder! We were talking about how I'd gained so much weight on a medication, and she said she had too. So she asked me if it was a psych med and I said it was. Then she told me it had been Abilify! When we found that out we really got to talking about it and I asked her if she suffered from depression and anxiety, and she said yes. I told her that I actually did too but had bipolar disorder and she nodded her head and said "Me too!".

Now I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but it's good to have a friend who understands that lives right down the road from me. Maybe we can help be supportive of each other in our times of struggle.

Her son was so excited about Zachary possibly spending the night that he convinced Mindy (his Mom) to buy an air mattress so Zachary would have a place to sleep in his room! And Zachary would not stop jabbering about seeing Joshua today and just couldn't wait to go. I'm so glad I called her this morning and set it up. They're really nice people and they have a great kid. I am completely okay with this. We're going to have a bbq here next weekend, so I'm going to have a lot of cleaning to do this week, lol.

My bird Zeke is sitting here with me trying to stand on the keyboard while I type and it's not working out to well. He keeps getting mad because I'm getting in his way, lol. What a silly little critter he is. But he's lovable and funny and fun so I'll put up with his temper tantrums. He's only a cockatiel afterall.

Speaking of birds one of my other ones (yes I have 3) is cage bound and never wants to come out. I'm trying to work her up to coming back out, but last night she bit the hell out of me several times. She finally came out, but my hands have battle scars. For a little bird she's got quite a bite! She's a parrotlet, a parrot about the size of a canary. But she's ferocious when it comes to messing with her when she's in her house. Once she's out she's a sweetie, but getting her out is the difficult part. Maybe I'll go to the library and check to see if they have a book on retraining birds.

Anyhow, I think that's it for tonight. I hope it brings pleasant dreams for you all. And yes, I feel really good still! In a couple more days I'm going to celebrate!

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  1. momhurts 10 years ago

    That is so awesome that you met someone like us.  I hope it works out and you get to keep the friendship!

    And what great thing for your son!!  I love watching kids have fun and play and enjoy life. It's such a good feeling. 

    I had a conure with a biting issue.  He had been mistreated and was a rescue.  It took a LONG time but he did learn to trust, and calmed down some.  Beautiful little man.  Never stopped biting completely but the bites did get less fierce, and much more infrequent.  I'm by no means a well read bird owner, but he was a life, and I just loved him, and I think after awhile he could tell.  Best of luck to you and Zeke, critters are so awesome.


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