Dear, Mom

Hey there, I see you going through some sh1t right now. Isn’t it funny no matter what happens the more you hide me away from something it never works?

Hey there, remember when I was younger I did everything you told me to eventually became the girl you wanted me to be, based on how the world wanted me to be. Here’s the list of things, like straighten hair, whiter skin tone, a taller nose, made of everything sweet, gently to all no matter what, quite, follow the line, nice nails, educated, high heels, skirt, know how to care for babies, know how to cook and clean, never argue , respect everyone no matter what they say or do, don’t question so much. You get the idea, it is to eventually become a typical¬†housewife of the 90′ even.

The word, “Maverick” means an unorthodox or independent-minded person. Did you know, when I was 8 I knew I was different and wanted to stay that way? As I getting older, you start to see my habits and you couldn’t chack up to me so sooner than later you find yourself not knowing who I am anymore. You knew my habits better than the back of your hand but not who I have become. You were to business working and dealing with a man who kept walking out on us, f*ck that he ain’t no man. What man walks out on his wife and child when things get hard.

I hated you for that. You were so strong and smart, but you kept hanging onto this deadbeat, even after he physically hurt you and me. I love you ma; I just pray after I clean out my closet and set out on my way to take care of you with this new business I’m starting tomorrow so please be patient with me for another year, And JUST let me care for you in my own way in my own style.



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