I wish I was deaf. I wouldn''t have to hear my dad yelling right now.

Anyways, about the dream. Well last night, I had a dream. Not unusual of course except this one felt different. It started out with me being a guy. Has happened in dreams before but yeah he was yelling at some kids. Then tried to be nice to them. Suddenly it jumped to the kids getting out of school I think and the girl in the dream was picking them up. I was there, following them but for some reason the car wouldn''t drive straight. It swerved all over the place. The outside was gray, almost foggy like or very cloudy. However, the trees were very very green like the grass. As it progressed, something happened on the road. I''m not sure what but it ended with three people lying on broken railroad tracks. The girl was injured and to the (from the point i saw them in the dream) far left. The guy that I was was injured and to the far right. A mystery guy in the middle was dead.

I saw through the guy''s eyes again. He felt strange at the sight of the dead man when he reached over very slowly and tried to check for a pulse.


The worst dream I had was a long time ago when I saw a girl strung up in a wierd position on these tall vine posts with some kind of metal netting that the vines could use to grow across at the top. She was literally tied up on her belly with her hands behind her back and her upper torso supported somehow and her mouth was open like she had been screaming. The vines were dead, like what you see during winter. During that whole dream I was preparing for some kind of battle or something. I don''t get it. These things scare me that''s why I avoid watching scary things, but I still have dreams like this. Am I the only one or do other people experience this kind of terror too?


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