I don't know what kind of expectations I had for Mother's day but it sure wasn't what I wanted it to be that's for sure. First thing in the morning I get a text saying happy mother's day from my youngest daughter the one I watch her baby every day, then my son who is staying here briefly said happy mothers day as he passed me in the hallway and my oldest daughter who lives with me and who's son I watch every day 24/7didn't say a word until after she'd gone to work and then sent me a text. What's wrong with a hug and I love you mom and appreciate all that you do for me?

I wanted so badly to go and see my mom yesterday but my grandson was sick so we couldn't take him over there and I can't drive well anymore and it scares me to try so I stayed here and cried because this might be the last mother's day we have her around. She's already deteriorating day by day and it worries me so much. I did get to talk to her on the phone twice which was nice but being able to see her and give her a hug and kiss would have been nicer.

To top it all off my ex is posting all about his new relationship on fb which I need to delete because I'm sick of all the stuff on there but saying things that were never said to me in the 14yrs we were together makes me realize I never was good enough for him to be number one.

So here I am being all sad and hurt and not knowing what to do about it. I so wish my life was different but what would I do? How do you deal with all this?


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