I haven't been very happy lately but today (or rather yesterday) was a good day. It started off like any other day and ended with my Mom giving me the best (early) birthday present ever – a Nintendo Wii.

She had presented the idea to my Dad a month or so ago and his response was, "Why the fuck does she need that shit?" He acts like games are so horrible when I, myself, don't have a problem with them. My brother is the one that goes overboard. And I haven't actually gotten a new console in 10 years. The last console I got new was the PS2 for $200 in 2000. And just to give you an idea of how long I've been gaming – the first console I got was the Nintendo. I can remember being worried that it'd be too hard for me to play and sitting on the kitchen table – that's how little I was, I was actually sitting entirely on just the table – while my Mom unwrapped it.

I was so shocked when I opened it, I never expected it. I thought I'd get something small for my birthday and then move on. I feel so touched by her kindness – by how much she loves me – that it's hard for me not to cry. She really cheered me up and even if she can be crazy at times, I love her so much.

I got so excited about the whole thing that I went shopping at 11:30 at night for a game because the sports stuff can only carry you so far you know… I got the Harry Potter Legos game, the years 1-4 one. I know it probably won't make Dad very happy but he doesn't seem to enjoy much. Gaming is a big part of my life, not because it's an addiction but because good memories and feelings come attached with it. My first games, the excitement, the competition (aka sibling rivarly/bickering), my boyfriend, etc.. It's a part of my childhood and I've come to view games as something of an art.

Oh well, I'm happy now and I feel loved. I'm going to try to hold onto that thought.


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