Along comes a girl with tears streaming down her face,

The world had treated her badly like she was a disgrace,

She sat beside a tree but then it moved its leaves,

As if it were to leave,

Her tears start falling harder like spring may shower,

She looks beside her and there lays a golden flower,

She picked the golden flower after asking please,

The little golden flower went with her with ease,

She got up and started walking and there she heard some cries,

A sad lonely four-leaf clover sat in the sun so I went over to ask why,

We all three began to talk but the flower decided to stay,

so sadly the girl got up and walked away,

Later she came back to greet the flower again,

Only to hear from the clover the flower moved and then,

She walked to the lake with tears running down her face,

She sat down by a river but the water moved away as she was a disgrace,

looking to the sky something caught her eye,

A golden flower dancing with a gentle breeze the girl never asked why,

She got up and left and then she went inside,

She stayed there the whole time till there was a thud on her window,

She looked over and there laid the flower that had to go,

For only the girl caught a glance before it floated away,

And there once again the girl cried and there she stayed.


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