They say it's all perspective. Well, mine's got some junk obscuring my perfect view… Seems like I'm always having to shoulder more responsibility, take on more weight, handle more situations, make more decisions, design more plans, learn how to follow through, work hard so I can carve out some me time, all the while trying to stay current, trying to learn everything… My mother passed away saying right before that she still had so many books she wanted to read… she loved mysteries. I love the mysteries of LIFE! Just watched the new movie on Vektra called ShadowRings. If you aren't especially politically informed or educated, such as myself, (I'm a piano-player) this movie will definitely do that for you. Except it won't be the standard third-grade history lesson we all had to endure. This one will require you to expand your perspective more than you ever thought possible. I do not recommend this film if you are not fully awake and aware and willing to bear the burden of it. It's not that bad for me, knowing that there is at least equal good out there or I wouldn't be here. My fight for right cannot be in vane. Sometimes it feels like THE most important lesson and my passion to serve. Another friend calls it the "truth." I'm not sure about that word or what it even means. Absolutes are hard for me to buy. Always question authority. It is just in our nature to want to understand and know more. It is one of the most beautiful things about us! Now, back to reality and the nasty grumpy old roommate that is back to haunt me again… oh why oh why dear Lord and what grave lesson is this to teach me today? Am I not Long-Suffering Enough Yet? haha We all stand ALONE. I am sure THAT is my lesson. Not my best alone, that's for sure… I like company, but when faced with the grim aspects I see before me now, again, adjustments in my perspective and my ability to get up and manage things better are what will save me… HANGING ON my lovelies… I have four little kittens from an abandoned kitty now, Zena and her cubs… and they are amazing. I am Ello. And I come from the Cat Planet. lol


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