Christ.. I can't believe I'm actually writing this.  But I have to admit that what must be done needs to be done.

I guess first I need to apologize to everyone that took every questionable thing that I have said to heart.  The whole reason that I started the group, 'Rational Irrationale', was to give people a place to debate ideals without fear of being looked down upon for it.  Lately, things have been pretty racy.  Don't get me wrong.. I enjoy a nice heated debate.  Sometimes, I don't mind hurting some feelings.  But this time has been pushed too far.  I wrote about everyone having the right to say how they feel, except for the people who are "intolerant."  Anyone who knows me on here knows that I am not the hatemonger that my arguments make me out to be.  To be honest, one-sided discussions are just boring, to me.  When someone writes a thread and welcomes open discussion, I'm compelled to reply on behalf of the counter-culture.  It doesn't mean I hate any of you, though.  Gay, straight, black, white, brown, Christian, Muslim, I don't care.  I won't explain myself any further, nor make up any excuses, or kiss anyone's ass because of what I did.  The best that I can do is say that I'm sorry that I rubbed anyone the wrong way.  I won't say anything in my own defense to try to make what I did right.  Even with good intentions, wrong is still wrong. 

I don't expect anyone to forgive me.  All I ask is that you hear my apology.  I am sorry to all of you.  Jack and Roseistix especially, and everyone that got caught in the crossfire.  I'm sorry.

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  1. Jack 14 years ago

    Kup, you do not owe me an apology. And I never thought you were a "hatemonger."  For reasons, that are mine alone, i will not be writing anymore opinions. I will keep in touch w/ you, please do the same. Btw, I was going to write a "pro" opinion on Gay Marriage. May have been an interesting debate. Your Friend Jack

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