hi, i'm katie and i'm 17. i've been told to talk about how i feel and that it's not healthy to bottle up my emotions. i just can't seem to find a light at the end of this tunnle. I hate feeling so sad and miserable all the time. Even though i have friends around me to support me and get me through this herd time in my life, i still feel so lonely. i now there are people out there that feel the same, i just haven't found one yet. I just can't see a point to anything anymore! I used to be such a bubbly, happy, funny and just simply loved life kind of person. Not now, it's a stuggle even just getting up in the morning! You know i really miss the old Katie, i just hope she comes back soon. i have read loads of recovery stories about depression, i don't have one yet. As soon as i do, i will be back to share it with you all. I just have to try and be strong and not let this "illness" get the better of me. I don't like it when people call it an illness or say your gonna get better. To me i'm not ill at all, ok maybe i get upset for no reason at all, i don't see that as "ill" but thats just me.i have recently started cutting myself, it's the worst feeling ever. It was like i wasn't doing it, like someone just took over my head! My own head is turning on me, i thought ur head was ment to be on your side? and not put horrible thoughts into your head. Likesucide, i don't want to kill myself, butto be honest sometimes i don't see a point tolife anymore. I don't see myself having a future! I want to havean amazing man in my life, kids,nice car,house ect,i just can't see any ofthis happen.There has to be a way out..

if u have any advice for me, please do:)

Thanks for taking the time to read this depressing story. Take care people.
love from katie xx

  1. FLora35 9 years ago

    Hi Katie. It should be illegal for someone as young as you to feel the way you do. My depression started getting really out of hand when I turned 14. I know exactly how you feel. As you get older and gain responsibility, I promise that you will feel better. You have to make a conscious effort everyday to do things that make YOU feel accomplished. I work out and try to look my best and read books ( I just picked up one today after not rading for like 3 months. lol) But just do things that make you, you. This is an ilness, so you have to be strong.

    I really hope that you feel better.

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  2. ice 9 years ago

     Hi katie, i came here for the same reason. I'm not good at sharing my feelings and I thought this anonymous site would help me. However im 13 and i have felt this way ever since my father left me 5 years ago. I want my old self back…people just seem to avoid me now that i am always sad and fighting to be happy…It helped me alot to read your story for it makes it real that im not the only teenager who struggles with the pain of an empty sad heart all the time.

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