My name is Jessilynn, I am a 27 year old lesbian Trans woman. I am engaged to an amazing trans woman, I am starting a dream career, and yet… I am struggling. I really am. I am at a loss of where to go.
My fiance is much in the same boat as I am, in struggling with depression. She just handles herself better. Though she can be turse about things, she is really good at pulling herself back, and recovering. I… am not. I am someone who struggles to count my own blessings. Though plenty they may be, I am still depressed to the point of… I dont want to talk to my fiance about it, frankly because she seems sick of it. Nothing bad on her, I mean I love the girl

I wont lie, I am a depressed mess. I really need to pull myself together. We are trying to move out.

27 years old and I still live with my parents And yet.. I have no ability to move yet (which as I said I am in the works). I just started my career, she just started a job. So money is super tight.

As I said, I deal with a lot at home, being 27, I am treated as if I am 12, there is a LOT of emotional and mental abuse in this house, to the point where it’s ACTUALLY affecting my relationship, and I am worried my job is next. The abuse has been noted by many, but never reported. I am no longer hit, but I would welcome that over anything else these days.
I just dont like that it’s affecting the best thing that’s ever happened to me…

I want to get better. I really do. and any peer willing to lend an ear…<3 it’d be much appreciated


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