Okay so I went out with my gf last night. Okay, so we went to a bar/nightclub.

Okay so I am in a serious relationship. Okay I cheated on him ONE time a year ago. I apologized for that. It never happened again. It’s done.

Okay back to last night.I told my bf that it was a girls nite because my gf told me that it was even tho she was meeting guys from her school. I didnt’ lie , my gf told me it was a girls nite. Is it wrong that I just want to hang with my girl?

My and my bf are together 24/7. We both don’t work and are on disability so it is healthy to get breaks from each other.

Well now my bf is mad. Wants to break up. He didn’t coach my son’s baseball game even tho he was suppose to. blowing this all out of proportion.

He asked me "did any guys buy u drinks?" i said yes. 2 guys did that were from my friends school. I asked them to cuz i was low on funds, i had no money. they were just doin it to b nice. these people were really nice not sleaseballs. then he asked if i danced with anyone. i said yes for a lil but everyone was dancing with everyone. and he wants to break up because of this.

he always blows things out of proportion and i hate drama so i am to the point i’m like, so what i dont even care. we break up, oh well. i do need him kinda financially. but i can make it on my own, it would b realllllly tight but i can make it on my own but i am not dealing with all this drama all the time i hate this crap.

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  1. WadeAlexander72 12 years ago

    He”s obviously not over the cheating. He may never be over it.

    I was cheated on once, and I can tell you it”s a horrible feeling and even years later I still feel that little "hit" every once in a while. You don”t get over it easy and counselling may be necessary here because there is a good chance he may be like this for years and the last thing you want is to be second-guessed every time you go out.

    I think he”s going overboard but it”s because he still hasn”t healed from the cheating.

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