so when is enough going to be enough? are you finally to the point in life where nothing works anymore? have you come to the fork in the road but can't decide to go left or right? how about going straight down the middle into the rooms of recovery? i used for 22 years and in 70 days by the grace of God i will have 21 years clean. if you want to know my lifes history then read my 125 or so blogs i have posted here. if you want to know the victories and tragefies a person can go through in Recovery then read those blogs. i am not going to preach to the choir here. the choice is yours. if your going to meetings for everything but to recover then walk out the door and keep doing what is not working in your life.


i see a lot of people doing the 13th step routine in NA and AA. i did not come here looking for my next ex. i came here because i needed help and had no where else to go. it was totally change the way i was living or DIE!!!! a lot of miracles have happened since that day in 1989 when i finally figured out that i had to change everything in my life. my playmates, my playplaces and playthings. no it's not a simple process and nobody ever said it was going to be a walk in the park either. it takes hard work and dedication to become the person we want to be. what is it going to take for you? i have done the jails and institutions, i died for 7 minutes on the operating table during my first heart surgery.


the people in the rooms of recovery will go to NA lengths to help get what they have. peace and serenity!!!!! if that is what you want then you can obtain it. stay true to yourself and listen to God. become teachable to be reachable. live in the present and accept it for the gift it is.


NA hugs and Love,




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