things were going well for aout a month. and now my symptoms are back and ever stronger. it started about two weeks ago with me sleeping a lot, then my mouth started burning for days and getting dry. felt like i cant speak. then started getting horrible vertigo. I feel like i cant sit on a chair because it feels as if im tilting forward or im rocking side to side. got worse and worse till i couldnt walk anymore because i felt so faint. everytime i stand up i feel as im going to fall like the ground is moving under my feet or i feel off balance. i went to the hospital again 2 nights ago while there i just felt dizzy, cold and shaky. they tested my blood count along with a million other things and once again everything came back normal. brain ct scan normal. after 8 hours of being in the hospital the doctor said "to be honest with you i cant figure out whats wrong with you" and sent me home. yesterday i had an appointment with a neurologist. after another hour of tests the only thing he said he could find was that I have severe tmj… again today im dizzy feeling off balance, and constant shivers and chills. im so confused and lost. its so hard for me to believe this can all be from anxiety. i dont know what to do or who to turn to. im constantly running to doctors and er\'s for the past year. and nothing! im starting to believe i have some undiscovered disease that nobody knows about and its killing me and doctors cant find it… could this allll actually be anxiety? if so how come it doesnt go away at all, i feel like this from the moment i wake up till i go to sleep. another thing ive been having is twitches. but mainly its this weird feeling of being cold kind of like if you get sunburn all over your body and those shivers that come along with it…..anyway thanks to anyone who took the time out to read this. and i would really appreciate some feedback..i need some sort of relief. thanks!

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  1. sleepygirl 12 years ago

    Those are all symptoms I have had with panick attacks. I suggest you see a doctor who is willing to give you some sort of medicine to calm you down. Also I have started reading a book called Panic Attacks Workbook and it describes a lot of the stuff we go through and explains it while you work through it. God Bless you, just hang in there and don\'t give up until you get some positive results!

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