My husband is a good man. A good man who is still figuring life out. He is really spoilt as he has very rich parents who provided him with everything he asked for  this has led to him growing up and getting on his own two feet difficult for him. I grew up very differently i had an abuse father who walked out of my life at age 8 I had to grow up really fast. life wasnt easy I had to figure things out and I did thanks to my amazing mum and family. So when i got married I was an accomplished adult who in my opinion had lived and was ready to settle down. The adjustment into my husband and his families life has been really difficult for me. They are extremely traditional and feel women shouldnt work and the husband should be the sole provider. i find this so difficult  as i have worked so hard to get to where i am and i am not ready to give it up. I feel like i can never make anyone happy anymore im dissapointing everyone.  I wish i knew what to do, how to achieve a good balance in my life. i feel no matter what I do i will never please my in laws to them i am always wrong and trying to ruin their lives, my mother in law always speaks about how she is finding it so hard to adjust since i got married. I find that so offensive what could i have done that makes her view me as such a hindrance.


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