Oh boy where to start…ok…at the end of May I had to take a ppd test for work for a physical. This test is to see if you've been exposed to TB bacteria. After 48 hours I went back to have it read and it was positive for exposure. The doctor assured me I was perfectly healthy and that it was latent. This means I have the live bacteria in my body, but it is not active. I'm not sick and I cannot spread it to other ppl. But of course I went into OCD over drive! "What if the doctor is worng?! What if it is active?! What if it's active some where in my body and I don't know?! What if I spread it to the children I work with?! Omg what if?!!" I've been on isoniazid for about 2 months now. This antibiotic will kill the bacteria before it becomes active (which may not happen, but not for certain). I wanted to be sure it will never wake up later in my life. I have to take this medicine for 8 more months. I got over this but now I was diagnosed with molluscum contagiousum about a little over a month ago. It's basically a rash that looks like weird worts that are easily spread by contact. Now mine is on my bottom…but it's spreading to niaghboring areas. So now every little bump i see I think is the MC spreading. I feel like I'm in hell! I don't want to leave the house and spend a lot of time obsessively examining my skin. No ones skin is perfectly smooth I know, but I can't help but break down every time I come across a little bump. I'm sorry if this is too personal. But I don't know where else to turn for support. 😢

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 6 years ago

    It's called a tuberculin test and two-thirds of the population tests possitive for this test. It means you've been exposed; but it is walled up in your body by cells that protect you.I test positive too.

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