Just the way i am writing this piece my heart goes to those who in thier busy schedule took time to think and come out with a beautiful solution in which i corroborated together to make out a happy situation out of a sad note.so i must sincerely show my appreciation to you yesi can see you are smiling because you know yourself, all those that helped me help others your life is already a beehive of successful things to come.

  Let me share with you how i got this beautiful damsels to understand me and not resent.i invited each and every one of them outover the weekend on a beach resort in the same place and venue.

  I made sure the place was cossy and quiet and arranged for seats to be arranged and a cool music to cap it up,then i left to wait until they came because whenever i asked them to come they made sure they get there earlier .so i gave them  them the same time and on the wall it was written seat down and have fun.

  They all got to the venue and relaxed waiting for me although some new themselves and were keeping to themselves others did not know but were anticipating for me arrival.

 I got there in a white african attire flowing and beautiful in which they could not resist but commending my outfit.

  Then i  got them drinks ,food and after that with the captivating music blaring from the little but mighty speaker turned me on and i took all of them in a world of altriusm.telling them my mind and what i had planned for them from the onset because all my life i have enjoyed seing people around me smile and shout for joy so it was like a miracle i have not finished saying all that i have innate in me  ronke ,shade started crying  and trying to tell me how i had affected thier life how i had built thier self esteem and also made a carreer woman out of them.

  I boldly told them that i was only interested in making them happy and seeing them smile but nothing further.Well they all thanked me and hugged me but you know a ladies heart ones it is made it will be very hard for you to change it.they all agreed to give love a try and seek for love outside me domain but just as i am writing htihs piece text upon text message is rolling in from shade and ronke what shall i do because the one i love dont know and the ones i dont even have a love affilation with wants me by all means.

  Please help me again i would so much appreciate your kind gestures


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