Feeling particularly bitter today. No, scratch that. Feeling EXTREMELY bitter today.

I'm starting to miss my old band again. And it sucks, because I feel really sad whenever I think about them. It was the most fun I'd ever had making music. I really put my heart into that project, and I tried on every occasion to show that I was dedicated, reliable, and professional. Obviously, none of that mattered in the end. 

But you know what? Screw them. Or shall I say, they have already screwed themselves. Apparently they would rather work with the unreliable, uncommitted, half-assed wannabes. And no wonder. Everyone in that group except for Mike and John have no social skills whatsoever. They'll likely be making a sequel to a certain Steve Carrell movie, only it will be starring Chris now that he's thirty and still, well…completely inexperienced. As far as Jim is concerned, I can't tell whether he's so uptight because he has a skeleton in the closet, or whether he IS the skeleton in the closet.

And it looks like Dave is back; so much for his career as an air traffic controller, I guess. Too bad he never learned how to play the trumpet either. Hell, he barely belongs in a second-rate high school band. 

Well, I guess that's why they have absolutely NO gigs on the calendar. Not even the Cambridge is booking them anymore; their last gig was two weeks ago. Their new lead singer probably has all the charisma of a day-old dog turd, the horn section probably sounded out of tune, and Stan probably showed up just in time for the second set – IF he showed up at all.

Today, I hope they're kicking themselves in the ass for letting me go over such petty bullshit. If they hired D. as a bassist and brought me back, they'd have good, reliable people to work with and gigs on the calendar – not to mention a decent website, press kits, and oh yeah, FRIENDS.

But they didn't, so screw them. LOSERS.

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  1. shur1 15 years ago

    well i have always found that from the ashes comes growth and prosperity theres always something better just around the corner so this just may have been something you had to go through in order to move on to bigger and better things……………………..Good Luck with your next gig……….and new band in the future……………..

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