ITs been a while since I have written . The last month or so has been a real struggle , after the death of Aunt Edris , my father in law Grady whom is 76 had to be hospitalized due to 3 blockages in his heart & had to have 3 stints put in to his heart . Poor man spent three days in the hospital , my mother In law bless her heart was there all the way , poor woman exhausted her self making sure he got everything he needed , this of course was very stressful because I am very close with my mother in law & my father in law . I am happy to state that my father is now home & is now recovering from his surgery & looks like he will be with us for quite some time ( Thank god) IN other news my I have been having break through anxiety despite being on the Lexapro 10 MG , I had upped the Lexapro taking 10 MG at night & taking 10 MG in morning , I"m also still taking the topamax , which my doctor has decreased down to 75 MG , yet my miagraines were comming back , I was feeling horrible & unbalanced , so I called my doctor's office back & told them what was going on . THe problem that I was having , is that when my Lexapro 10 MG was wearing off in the morning my anxiet was comming right back , so I would take 10 MG in the morning , that was helping a little bit but come mid after noon around 1-2,3 the 10 MG of Lexapro would wear off was again & I was right back to having anxiety & right back to feeling horrible . Since I suffer from ADD , my ADD & my Anxiety go together , so when my anxiety is high my butts in & there for I don't focus very well , on simple tasks like grocery shopping which is something I like . My anxiety makes not want to enjoy things that I like such as blogging , scapbooking . I know have read that a lot of ADD adults suffer with Anxiety . The problem is we don't know how to regulate our emotions & when we get stressed out , we get anxious . Truth of the matter is I have dealt with a lot mentally & emotionally . THis past Thuresday I went back to the doctor & saw the P.A , had a great hour talk with her , touched on everything that has been going on , especially my sleep & the fact that I am waking 2-3 times a night & not sleeping all the way through the night & then waking up tired .I expressed to her that I'm not depressed & that I had anxiety as a kid & now with my ADD , its come right back full force . She increased my Lexapro to 20 MG , put me on a new medication called Buspirone HCL 5 MG of a night & 5 MG of a morning , I'am working on tappering off the Topamax , sure if its working for my Migraines or if the Migraines are due to my anxiety . Since my Lexapro has been increased I feel much better & the with the Buspirone 5 Mg at night & 5 mg in morning , this anxiety medication combination definately has me feeling more blanced & I'm definately more human again & happier ..


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