Im curious about something and would like it if people from different parts of the world could tell me what the unemployment services are like in their country,especially in America,coz in America it sounds pretty shocking.What Im asking is,when you are unemployed ,especially in the US,whats happens as far as income support ?I was unemployed for quite some years due to terrible health problems,but here in Australia ,the govt looks after unemployed people by paying them a small allowance for as long as they are unemployed,20 years if need be.I was very lucky to get a very good job 7 years ago,it was nothing short of a miracle when it happened,it just came out of the blue and I was pretty bad at it in the beginning,wasnt very nice to the public as I had so much anger and hate,and was always late cozI hadnt had a job routine for years and had been in a dark hole for so long,but little by little,all that changed and eventually I started to understand what my job required and what a good employee was expected to do,and after a baptism of fire and a understanding boss( very lucky about that as all the other departments had horrible bosses,mine was the only good one,talk about lucky big time!)I eventually became a very good member of staff.I now work in a place 10 minutes from home,have gone up to nearly the top band of pay ( 2 more years and I will be at the top of the pay tree for my particular job,not a manager or anything like that but still earning decent money)and even if I say so myself,I am really good at my job,have been commended many times by management and even when I stuff up which we all do at work,I am given positive direction and help to overcome issues .So I often think if this hadnt happend for me,where on earth would I be now,i shudder to think coz Im in my mid forties now and have minimal education and skills apart from what Ican do at my present job.But even if I was still without a job,the Govt in Australia pays you income support,not a lot,no way, but enough to pay a small rent in a shared house and enough to eat very modestly ,but from what I understand ,in the US,you only get unemployment for a certain amount of time,then they ,what give you food vouchers or something for a certain time,then cut you off to live with absolutley no income at all?If some one can please explain it to me I would appreciate it,i am truly interested in the social services offered in other parts of the world.What I do seem to see though is the US does have a disability support income,and rightly so,but it seems easier to get than unemployment,is this correct?I know England seems to have similir social services as Australia but the US seems very harsh to the unemployed.So to all the people here in the DT community who are looking for work,I so really hope you find a job you can handle and keep,I know you are all doing the very best you can to try and get one,and thats all anyone can ask really.I am never complacent about my job though,I certainly dont think Im irreplaceable and I am so so grateful,so very grateful to have it,I work hard to keep my job.

Anyway,was rambling on a bit here,I wrote this blog to ask if some one could kindly just fill me in on the unemployment services in thier respective countries and if anyone can do that I would really appreciate it.

Take care of yourselves,you are all fantastic ppl who are doing it tough and believe me,I sure as hell know how that feels,I mean yeah,I got a job but that dosnt insulate me from the awful problems I have at the moment,and the depression and anxiety ,health problems and pain are still with me every day but having a job sure makes things just that bit easier to get up out of bed,where once allI wanted to do was lie in my bed in my little cell of aroom and die.Its kinda ironic,i was doing just that whenI got the call to come in for the interview for the job I got now,and unbelievably nearly didnt answer the phone as I thought it was probably the debt collectors again!



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