Depression is a part of life, no matter how much help, pills, drugs you take you will never get rid of it…… my name is jess, im 16 and have been in abusive relationships were he left welts on my chest and bruses on my legs, forced into sex, i was giving drugs to make me fall in love with this 26 year old, yes it shoulds bad but he was perfect he had the best personality, he made me feel so perfect, he said we would run away together and be happy, and i believed him, i was 14 at that time and one day this chick showed up and she was HOT!! she played xbox, smoked pot and she was beautiful, he told me to fuck off the next day. i called his older sister in tears and she told me he has a criminal record for melesting a 12year old girls and others…I was destroyed everything i believed in was punched in the face i wasnt that same after that. but we moved to brisbane and i got better, last night my family and i had a HUGE! fight and i couldnt handle it there was voices in my head telling me to just do it! just do it and youll be happier, i didnt commit but i did cut myself again, my boss found out and i got sent home to work on myself and getting better, i do understand were she comes from but i didnt wanna go home and facemum, she judged me, we again got into a huge fight, she said she wasnt my mother anymore and she said if i didnt change she would leave. i dont know when things will change but i hope it does soon before i loose the one i love the most. i love her to pieces i just want her to be happy…..

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  1. draw_the_pain 8 years ago

    I have starting looking into getting more help, in the last 1 year iv been here I haven't had help but I know now I need to again.


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