Well I’m getting Tired of people bitching about chat and not haven given it a chance. so I will  copy a slice of it today here for you all. I Am removing names except for my own of course.

We were helping a friend of our with a bit of an issue while she was spamming the room with hello. and then:


[tinyrachie] 6:15 pm: NAME calm your fraking horses someones asking for
help and you’re just saying hello

[NAME] 6:15 pm: and you think i dont need help

[tinyrachie] 6:16 pm: did you ask? no you didn’t. you just said hello over
and over which was getting annoying

unfortunately this is where the chat decided it was going to boot me from the server. Lol. For those of you who have been there I’m sure you know about how fickle the door can be sometimes.

So seeing as I’m taking my time to write this I should maybe make some things clear for those who don’t understand basic ettiquette.

1) When entering a chat room. Say hello. If people don’t immediately greet you. Don’t freak out It happens. People are busy. Sometimes we feel like crap (go figure it’s not like we’re depressed or anything).

2) If you don’t get attention, also don’t freak out. I myself who am quite faithful to being in chat every day for atleast a few minutes, have had many of my moments of distress ignored due to various things such as others being busy etc.

3) If you keep your text white or a colour not visible on the background or nondistinguishable from entering/leaving comments. Don’t expect replies. Not everyone has perfect eyesight in here and many of us rely on the contrast in colours to tell people apart and when new comments arise.

4) My final point which I would like to make is one I personally has not been kept up as much as should be since TigerLilly has left us (and my goodness do I ever miss my Tiggy). Please try to keep the general chat happy. Many people come in and just want to be cheered up. If you have a problem. TELL us. We’re not mind readers. In general we try to keep chat light, happy and silly if possible. If theres a problem we will of course address it and help as much as possible.

Now a fully personal note. Yes I have been feeling like crap lately. Even the happy-go-lucky Rachie has bad days; I mean I AM here for depression and anxiety (and apparently now OCD which makes me feel like CRAP all over again). So no, I’m not going to go out of my way right now to help people. I can barely get off my ass to get to my lab in the mornings let alone process thought to help other people.

STOP attacking chat. We’ve dont nothing to you. We’re trying to stay happy and make friends while getting a social outlet for those of us with extreme anxiety. If you Don’t like it. Don’t come. But stop bitching already people. It is annoying and causes tension.

Lots of Love even when I’m cranky


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  1. taking_back 13 years ago

    I personally don”t go onto chat, but if I were to go there I would”t know the rules or etiquete at all.  So I would probably get upset if someone told me I was getting annoying if I didn”t even know I was doing something wrong.   I am thinking she was saying hello repeatedly to be recognized so that she could ask for help.  I think calmly explaining the process is the best way to keep everyone from having hurt feelings. 

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