I've done nothing today. Mainly because walking is near impossible with the gout. I have enjoyed watching DVDs of Charmed. My sister has become a fan and has brought season after season of the show. She gets like that. If she starts liking a show, she wants to get the DVD so she can watch alll the episodes. I must admit I think she gets that from me. ANYWAY I digress. My boy called thismorning at 10am and asked me what I was doing. I told him I had just woke up. Then he went on to tell me that I should have gone to church, and that when we are together he is going to get me to go to church. I'm not a church person. I went to Sunday school when I was very little, and found it boring. I have not found faith. It's not that I don't believe that there isn't something bigger than me, it's just I don't have *FAITH*. I was baptized as a baby, but I know that when I have children, I want them to have the choice of religion. I have an issue with believing there is someone/something out there that is controlling everything. We have our choices. I find it hard to have trust in something without *PROOF*. I know all you people out there that have found faith and religion could probably point out a zillion things that are proof. I'm not completly closed off to it, but I find some of the ideas of different religions difficult to understand; for example Homosexuality. I personally have NO problem with what someone sexual preference is, and I dont see how some can say that “god hates gays” etc. how can someone say that and then say “god loves everyone!”. It's a walking talking contradiction. I digress AGAIN. My point being, he is Christian, church every Sunday, and said “I want you to go to church to praise god, and then you will be happy, and he will bless our union.” I worry that he will force something onto me, too hard, too fast. Is something like religion a deal breaker?


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