What scares us about our own true thoughts? Why do people shy away from that inner voice?

Is it because focusing on it seems to disconnect you from reality?

I have to get out of my mind!!! Sometimes I feel like it controls me. It seems a lot of people around me are controlled by their physical urges, or emotions, or hunches, etc. But for me, I question any physical urge to the point where I mentally come to the conclusion that whatever it is that I want so badly, I don't need it.

I can't get rid of it. I've wanted to get rid of it before, but when I do I just feel empty. I feel like an everyday bull shitter. You know, the people that pretty much bull shit their way through life. People love them… why? I guess because they're funny? Idk, I never understood it.

I'm just a dreamer. The perfect way to explain the simple "me". You could call it close-minded-ness as ironic as that sounds. My vision of a perfect world is one where everything goes exactly my way…. makes me a dreamer, and a hypocrite, really…

I absolutely hate words. I never can say anything right. It seems everyone is so caught up in saying just the right thing, like omg, can you be more lame. They're words! The definition of close-minded is… "not ready to receive to new ideas"…. so you can jumble up a bunch of words and make them into one single word! woot! aren't we as humans smart, haha!

So if you're not ready to receive to new ideas…. what does that mean exactly? What makes you ready? Maybe maturity? What if some people are just born close-minded? How do you explain that? And what is being mature? Arguably, you could say that maturity is an opinion, because as far as I'm concerned some of the most "mature" people I know are just children in an adult form that have learned how to appear to be in a state of what we have learned to call maturity. It's all about acting, at least that's my opinion.

I just hate people that give advice like it's a fact, when in fact, there aren't many facts to be found, you just have to actually look. We learn, and we apply. Why do we think what others want us to think?

Are we afraid of our own thoughts?


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