So the title give away what my point for this blog. I have a question. No I could not ask it in the polls by the way… It's not that simple. I am going to give you the short version because I'm pressed on time…

So my mother has a new boyfriend. I hate him. He drinks and I get this really bad feeling near him. Like he is hidding something frome everyone, something bad. He has three kids which I hate even more than himself. The oldest is a stubborn spoiled brat who gets pissed off at the stupidest crap (the oldest is a guy BTW, he's 13). The middle child, another boy, is a rude, poiled brat, who doesn't know when to stop. If you tell him to stop doing something he'll just continue to do it. He asks really rude question and is just plain RUDE!!! With a capital R! The youngest, a girl, is the violent one of the family… She will hit you, kick you, punch you, and do anything possible to hurt you. We tell her to stop, that it is wrong but of course she doesn't listen. She is getting to the point where one of these I'm going to punch her… Not literally because she is only 9 and that would just be wrong! But I REALLY thinking about it because she is just awful!!!! I did tell my mother about ALL of this although do you want to know what she did? SHE MADE EXCUSE FOR THEM! It was like she was shrugging me off, not even listening to anything that I said! My mother will always side with them when me and my brother are having an arguement with them. She'll always punish us even if we weren't even guilty of the supposed 'crime'.

This has happened another time before when she was married to my ex-stepfather. She would always side with him, never listening to us when we said that he was hurting us or being just flat out mean to us. She never listened when we told her that marrying him was a BIG mistake. She finally started listening after 7 years of marriage and even then I don't think she was listening to us I think she was just coming to realize that he was awful. I don't want my mother t marry this guy but she is going that way. She says she is in total love with him and he is the one… After only 3 to 4 MONTHS of dating… I can't wait 7 years of marriage for her to finally dump this guy. If he even moves in to the place, I'm moving out… No questions asked. I HATE THEM ALL! But she won't listen. She is driving me and my brother away with this guy.

My question is this, how do I get my mother to listen to me? I don't want to break her heart but moving out way to soon. I'm only 15 and if things go the way they are going then he is moving in within a year… I don't want to move out winin a year. That would break her.. I don't want that. How do I get her to listen?!?! Please help!!


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