A spark in the gathered storm, I went to chase high in the sky

Trying to believe it’s a moment’s worth of believing

Gambling with something living inside me, I’m playing for the odds

Soaring fast enough to let me evolve into you, to let me execute

Because you are all I need, all I need to want it again

Leaving behind the feeling that you never lived at all

Leaving behind the feeling you never felt at all



Mother, I have grown up

Into the young woman I always wanted to be

You held me up with your legs of stone

But never let me fall down

Maybe I have seen too much sunlight

To suffer that much more in the dark

But mother, don’t worry

I have grown up, into the young woman I always wanted to be

I know what I want, and I know what’s right

Even if you disagree

I’m ready to walk away on my own

And this time I want to face the music alone

Just think of this moment of your daughter growing up

And finally being where she always wanted to be

I love you.



Do you see what we’ve done?

Waiting for some kind of revelation

Waiting for your turn to come

Clipping your eyes open while acid burns all the wrong you’ve seen

Do you feel yourself being submerged, into all the lies?

Into the evil you let yourself die by

His shaking hands grabbing onto you

Letting all your clothes peel off, until all there is left is you

You thought you were waiting for redemption

But in all the time wasted, you were wasting yourself

Sinning without repenting

When hands came reaching out for you


Dark-Eyed Witch of the West

I’ve heard you’re an ancient myth

You come to save those who kill

You come to slaughter those who save

Do you understand what I’m talking about?

You’re the dark eyed witch of the west

You’re the dimming light that fades as I walk the empty streets

You’re the same one who came running after me



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