Today it is raining outside.  I am wearing a soft cotton flowered dress with a floral print.   I curled my hair!

I like the rain 🌧️ because it keeps our well water supply at a good level.  True, rain compromises swimming in the summer but it doesn’t rain everyday all day long!

Sunny days 🌞 bring a pressure to find something to do that sounds interesting to others.  People act so excited about warm sunny days verses raining days! Rain makes me feel cozy and content.

Even cold days are nice! I don’t feel a pressure to do things that sound excited and stores are less crowded!

We bought dinner rolls, fake ham, fake turkey, egg free and meat free stuffing, garlic, potatoes to make garlic mashed potatoes , chocolate mint cookies, corn, green beans and other desserts for Thanksgiving dinner!

I waited until exactly 10 a m to eat my first meal and take my vitamins because of intermittent eating plan!

I watched Bad Mom’s Xmas on Netflix.  The movie was good but the ending was just another corny love fest happy extended family movie.

My plans today include being a ride for a son to get home from work.

I need bleach for cleaning from the grocery.

I have stuff to sort \ put away\ donate.

I will knit another row on melon \ pink \ white lap blanket or it could be a crib size baby blanket.   Time will tell!

One of our beta fish was sick but now is better.

The dogs need a bath and nails cut today! We do these things for them at home!

We need to shampoo our carpets!

I have the possibility of sorting our blankets, comforters to donate some of them.   Then rolling up and putting them in garbage bags and labeling and then putting them away.

We have a cedar closet for blanket storage but emptied it for daughters storage when she moved back home.   She was going to get married…  She saw concerns and called off the wedding and paid the cancelation fee on the rental.   It has been over a year since she moved back.

I reflect back on the good traits of her former person she was going to marry.   Then, other times I feel anger and resentment.

I wish I knew for sure that she would meet a good man someday.

She works in the medical field, is attractive, healthy weight, knits, sews, and crochets    She has old fashioned values and wants marriage and then to have children.   It doesn’t seem to be easy meeting someone who is into wanting  a wholesome and happy marriage life with children and a dog 🐶.

No one is coming here for Thanksgiving.   It will just be our family of five.

It is our normal even before covid normal.

I hope that everyone has a healthy, safe and content day!

Thanks for letting me share my life and thoughts!




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