1. How come when someone asks me for advice.. I always seem to have the answers they’re looking for, but when I ask someone for advice.. it never lives up to my expectations. Sometimes I just don’t even expect anything in return so I never have to be disappointed. I don’t have high expectations, but sometimes the advice I get is like cereal without milk… plain & doesn’t satisfy my taste.
  2. For some reason I still feel like my confidence level has remained the same for the longest time. I don’t feel more confident & I don’t feel less confident then I did before?  Kinda feel like my feet are stuck in the sand & can’t do much about it. Maybe there’s no positive motivation…
  3. I wish I knew how to get better memory. It seems like I’ve been having short term memory loss lately. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday or ate for dinner last night?
  4. I don’t normally intentionally inflict self harm to myself… but flossing really hard until my gums go numb has been quite enjoyable. I just keep telling myself I’m preparing for my next dentitst appt…
  5. So within the next month or so im going to have to visit my pediac. doc regarding my "spots". I dunno what the heck they’re from, but its gotten worse.. and selsun blue doesn’t seem to have been much help. I’m dreading this appt b/c I was recommended the same cream twice from 2 diff. doc’s and its gotten worse. Something ain’t right. Maybe I’ll recommend a dermatol. appt. & who knows.. maybe I might get my moods checked out as well lol… who am I kidding.. I’d prob. chicken out at the last minute like always once he says "anything else"…
  6. I’ve been having dreams that make wake up in the middle of the night thinking "i don’t wanna think about this… think about smthn else to make the dream go away". Kinda uncalled for, but its been happening too frequently.
  7. Last week of summer… first day of sept already! This summer sucked major (those who know me, know why). Writing about it makes me more upset about it….
  8. I’ve been struggling with my "dear mom" blog. I’ve written my "dear dad" one.. but haven’t posted it yet. 
  9. I haven’t had a good cry in awhile…
  10. I hope I can find a job before christmas.. the whole process of even thinking about it feels so depressing. So much effort needed to search, apply, wait, prepare the interview, wait & survive training…  

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