for once things seem to going my way alittle bit.

i got into univestiy today!!- its a years course doing art- art foundation; which means i will be in good sted for applying to a 3 year speacil effects make-up course next year!

& at the weekend, one of my reli close guy mates matt & i kissed alot, & he told me he’s liked me for a reli long time, n just did have an epically good night with him. it was all clean & well behaved fun. but it made me happy inside- i actually had a moment of pure happienes and it  felt like magic. i was smiling sooo much despite my hangover the next day.

saw him again on satday night n he held my hand while no1 was looking, cos we’re keeping it on the low at the moment, and just taking things really slowly, cos he hasnt had a relationship since last year, iv been single for 8 mothns & we dont want this to be a mad crazy 5minute thing. which i really like becasue i havent had a single soild we functioning relationship ever!

Matt & me have been friends for 2 years, & we ‘ve always got on really well, he knows eveything about my past, we had a fling when we first met but it never  went further than drunken kisses. n we have always had chemistry but i duno why nothing ever happend, im glad it didnt becasue now is clearly the right time.

& hes a cancer & im a taurus & thats a good thing 😀


now for the bad news….

my best friend jay was omitted to hospital after trying to commit suicied. hmm.

yeaa. so thats all abit crappy, but she;s now in a YMCA n jammin there atm. but she’s hopefully gona be okay i dont know.

but i know for a fact she’ll do it again. this is the 2nd time she’s tried, but the first time she wnt 2 hospital for it.




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