I’ll be blunt, I’ve been through a lot. You’ve got your own sh♥t going on, and no one’s experience is the same, nor is the way they feel about it. So first things first, don’t be an as♠hole! I struggle a little with being nice to people who have lives way better than mine and still act like its the end of the world all the time, but I (and you) have to remember not only that having depression/anxiety can make any situation overwhelming, but also that as an outsider looking in on their situation you can’t tell all of what’s going on. So be f◘ckin nice!! 

Now that I’m over lecturing everyone and myself, allow me to introduce myself (pls)☺. My name’s Jerica (like Erica), and if you hate your parents then I’m your parent/guardian now! If you live with abusive parents of any kind, I can relate, and I’m here to talk if you need it. I live in a foster home with a varying amount of kids, five cats, four dogs, three rats, some fish, and a bunny ☺. Before I began living here last April, I was first with my as♠hole bio dad, then after going inpatient* about six times I was in residential* for four months. When I was released from residential my bio dad refused to answer his phone or pick me up. Department of Child Services (DCS) let me live with my best friend, but that only lasted a few months. They didn’t have any experience with a delinquent like me, so after getting fed up and not knowing what to do they dropped me off at the police station with my birth certificate to be placed somewhere else (my current foster home).

So, for all the kiddos!: I’m sorry life’s sh♥t right now, and I know you’ve probably heard it over 100 times, but it gets better. I promise. If things don’t get better, you have full permission to come sock me in the face. Or snog me in the face lol it’s whatever.


*Inpatient- Staying in a hospital for treatment. I was treated for anxiety, depression, and ptsd

*Residential- In this case, a long term behavioral facility.

alt+shift+1=☺ alt+shift+2=☻ alt+shift+3= ♥ 4♦ 5♣ 6♠ 7• 8◘ 9○ 


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  1. cassyrose 3 years ago

    I also stayed at a friend’s after an impatient stay instead of at home. It was really hard because my friend got overwhelmed too. This was awhile ago, but still… anyway, Thank you for being so open.

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