Hollowing your soul, grasping to you like a life line, robbing you of your identity, your emotions, your future. It builds an impenetrable fence around you holding you captive, bringing you down to it’s pitiful level. It whispers lies into your head and fills your heart with darkness. The light, your hope, gets smaller and smaller until the lies become your identity and your insecurities become your character. It sucks your hopes and dreams out of your heart, and thrives of your nightmares. Your fear is the only thing reminding you that this is real. The drowning feeling keeps you fighting, makes you brave and forces you to persist through the darkness of depression.

  1. jason01 3 years ago

    Hmmm this sounds a little bit too familiar
    Are you describing Jason by any chance?

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  2. avy2019 3 years ago

    I can relate! I feel like I have been robbed out of my identity I cant be my self as hard as I try but I’m hoping one day I will overcome my issues..

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