It all started when my partner and I moved interstate so he could attend university. He found a night time job, driving escorts to their jobs. I was insanely jealous and had no idea that I had nothing to worry about because he liked men. These women were so glamorous looking in their evening dresses and beautiful hair and makeup, they were knock outs. One day I said to him, “I can make more money than you” , so I went to his bosses and asked if I could work as an escort. They were very reluctant to take me on and lose their driver. So I started at a different escort agency. Eventually I ended up working for the same agency as my partner. He quit driving. He accepted quite easily that I was sleeping with other men for money. Too easily in fact. I was on a high. I was making more money than I had ever seen in my entire life. It was like an acting job, although occasionally you would meet some unsavoury characters who didn’t treat you well. I remember one night my partner said to me, we have to make a car payment tomorrow. So the very next morning I slammed $500 on the table, that I had made in one single night. Having money turned me into someone I didn’t recognise anymore. It made me want more, It made me a different person. Eventually I ended up quitting and wanted to move back home to where my family was. I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t cope with the lifestyle anymore. But in years to come I went back to working as an escort when I needed fast money. It was too easy, but the cost to my confidence and wellbeing is was too much. I had regular medical check ups, thank god I never caught any horrible infections or diseases, even tho condoms were always used. It was a terrifying thought. Ironically , fast forward to the future, my now x partner and father of my children was diagnosed HIV positive. I had numerous blood tests to make sure he hadn’t passed it onto me. I am clear thank god. Really weird how life turns out sometimes….

  1. nikkie5 10 months ago

    WOW, your story sounds like a movie! Ever think about writing a book about your life? I’m so glad you are ok and HIV negative. I’m in Largo, Mayland thanking God with you!

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  2. Author
    garfunkal 10 months ago

    thankyou so much for your kind comment nikkie, haha I don’t think anyone would believe me if I wrote a book about my life! I have so much to blog about and some things I havent told anyone for a long time and things that will shock people, where is Mayland? I have no clue, I’m in Australia, xx

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