Disconnected, it can be lonely or it can feel like relief; sometimes i look around and realize that sometimes it is just me, myself and I. That no ones going to be stronger for you than you. It’s human nature to want to succeed to want to thrive and survive whichever way you can. The coping mechanisms, sometimes smart, maybe other times, destructive; regardless, i’ll keep hoping that life gives us sweeter gifts than what we’ve received. Better days always come, especially if your thoughts play their part. The positive thoughts have more strength than you’d even think possible.

I have to admit it’s hard, fighting on and on and on. But if you view your life as a seed, for example. You nurture it, take care of it. In this case your thoughts would be the seed, you should practice the art of trying to focus on positive thoughts. You don’t have any? make new ones yourself and give them attention. I’ve hard the most impossible stories; TRUE stories about REAL people and some of them have gone through the worst of the worst and they come out with their head held high. It must’ve all started with a thought

maybe an “i won’t give up” maybe a “let me just keep trying” maybe a “i’ll turn it around if i really want”


“i’ll do the impossible to be happy if i really want to” You can and you will if you find the strength you’ve had inside of you this entire time. You need to look and look and look until you force yourself to feel it. It might not feel like it because of whatever reason you’re hurting in that moment or whatever reason you’re feeling too numb. You’re already so much stronger than you were because you’re deciding to help yourself.


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