I am a 52-year-old retired Army veteran of the Gulf War married to a 72-year-old Vietnam war vet. My husband was always frugal to the point of being accused of being an actual tightwad—scratch that. He was a tight wad. He was always in charge of our bills and they always got paid on time and our finances were always sound. Then this last year, he went totally offcase and starting buying stuff left and right from eBay. We have 10 cell phones, a new, $1,200 engine on a junk car that we were planning on scrapping, and expensive tools bought to "fix" said car. He has purchased 5 used computers, 4 printers, more expensive tool kits, ladders, etc., for a variety of projects from roof repair to electrical repairs that my husband plans to tackle, which he is qualified occupationally to do, but has arthritis so bad that he can’t even barely climb the ladder. Every day, he is on eBay ordering something else. He has tapped out our savings and has even started pulling money out of our home taxes savings. I’ve googled Alzheimers and other dementias, but these all seem to have memory loss and forgetfulness as the main symptom. His memory is still razor sharp, nothing wrong with that. But, his sudden fixation on ordering used and useless things from eBay is outrageous and threatens our financial stability, which was always his number one priority in life. We don’t need 5 computers and now, he’s talking about making a bid on a digital camera that costs over $1000 dollars that someone on eBay is selling for $400! There goes more money from our home taxes. Does this sound like OCD? It is such a radical change in personality and I can’t take him in to a doctor. He was very angry and upset when I suggested it because he didn’t understand how I couldn’t see what great "bargains" he was getting. Any ideas on what is going on would be helpful.


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