I would like to earn decent income, however I find it difficult to make enough disposable income net of taxes payable, that is.  The reversal of nihilism is a political issue with very wide-concerns if we are to analyse risk and taking the risks to the most negative of their rating without transferring the risk as a misinterpretation of our analogy, that was originally self-centred, but needs to shift to becoming visibly felt as satisfactory, and, altruist, thus the causality and action plan arising out of the change goes beyond laws and their structure,  they are a political matter, where we are essentially responsible for our politics and where we wrongly assume everyone is attached to a machine, this assumption is too lacking of pro-activeness and smart devices have to start making their way from manufacturing to retail and need to be available at affordable pricing, whilst Keynesian economics alone does not seem to lower pricing given that the trend is the opposite direction.

Government of Malta seems to have set the economy to run its own prices and they have driven it to a recession through their short-termism and fatigue, therefore recovery is not felt anywhere in household budgets.

The state has long cut its umbellical chord of being a last resort support, to me it seems more like a management office made up of lawyers, who are not changing much about our lives as much as about their structures and I admit being very wary of negotiations, they tend to remind me of people who want to control the conversation or want to play hard, when they have nothing in hand to offer, this is not equitably acceptable in commerce and they tend to come across as spammers, actually, I would intuitively black-list some of them, however my equality policy has me replying to them politely.

Social responsibility and short termism makes the labor and business markets non-accessible and difficult to predict effectively we observe people who are desperate for cash regularly on the newspaper being reported to the police as though money made others feel greedy for money, in itself this establishes a demand curve, in my view, one that licensed institutions are ignoring.

The previous statesman merely negotiated social welfare in a very mercantilist manner as though having paid free education he had exhausted his obligations towards the people, clearly that was not good enough and there were complaints on their leadership, and, now it does not seem they are steering closer to anything but utilisation of technology and capitalism, having them been predictably subject to  fraudsters, and, this was a predictable risk as well.

Investors’ wealth is a factor of accumulation of revenues to capital, family related ownership, business ownership, investment related holdings, property related holdings and revenues generated out of profit making activities, whilst some businesses have more profit than others and have to pay a higher amount of direct and indirect taxes through the proportional way tax is calculated here in the Republic of Malta, a home for retirement, investment in property and an archipelago of islands that has facilities including hotels, business services, retail, technology, banks and where as a consumer you will find buying easier than earning money, this culture seems to differ in some cities in other cities.  Travel guides occasionally warn of matters related to public safety controlled by border control agents as you cross sea or air borders you are encouraged to go through safety checks supported by heavy installation of equipment for security and scanning.

Interviewing it seems people are worried about safety, possibly their mortgage and their family and are not certain that they will have a monthly earning, this is an economic problem that has no systematic resolution as yet within the systematic terms of reference of a welfare state, mainly due to its own administrative restrictions which are self-managed.


Law covers different chapters, they include individual rights, working rights, business rights and obligations for licensing, health and safety and matters related to criminal law that seem to draw upon breaches of morality, as we are expected to embrace religious principles in our behavior, when you are found to be in breach of law you may be asked to pay a contravention, having the right to appeal in which case you need to justify your excuse to a judge, and, you do not expect a positive outcome based on empirical statistics, when you are prosecuted against, you expect a punishment, based on the writings and guidelines that legal professionals write to administer such tribunals and mediation institutions, and, there is a sense of remorse felt from people who feel unfairly treated by the penitentiary system.

Skills required within the economy vary they include business, science, artisan skills, practical skills and skills that are actually leading to higher academic accreditation for which there is availability of private and public schooling for adult education.  Education is mandatory for underage human beings and teachers take responsibility for teaching whilst parents are expected to be responsible for upbringing their families and taking care of them until adult hood at least and then the children who become of adult age may become financially and legally independent, by moving to their own habitation and starting their own career or business.  There are numerous business success stories and occasional liquidations and businesses that are not always profitable these are reported on newspapers in view of creditors’ interests, where the courts of law has the final say after an authoritative process mandating changes of regulatory status such as incorporation, liquidation and other changes in direction of licensed companies, whilst business level business-to-business services offer investment such as investments in property or other financial instruments and derivatives that are diversified by the financial services industry to reduce aggregate risk to the investor.

Travelling across from the archipelago to other countries is convenient through an efficiently organised airline, and, there are support services such as garbage collection that support the food waste requirements,  whilst supermarkets are available within walking distance of residential areas, as the planning of our civil areas is organised into industrial areas, residential areas, highways, arterial roads whilst legally the Republic of Malta, patrols the territorial waters of Malta as defined and construed by its own marine law.

The economy includes primary and secondary industries such as manufacturing of food and clothes and printing and distribution of newspapers, and tertiary financial services industries licensed and subject to quite stringent audits to ensure the highest customer service standards can be monitored by governors and officials.  They are quite controlling, as neo liberalism is challenged by political discussion based on the concept of conservatism versus liberalism underlying principles of formally recognized trade agreements and licensing requirements administered by the state, whose head office is in the capital city, the one reknown mainly for its historic monuments to tourists.


My personal situation is that I feel stuck in the middle, by matters that fall within the administration of third parties to adjust, and, I don’t really feel I have anything to blame for the shortfalls of other administrators, including those who try to make me feel responsible for retribution of their own expectations, which is really an expectation, that can be deemed to be arbitrary, even in law, I fail to understand why people do not understand me, I tend to think that they are not able to understand what I want, and do not really give a frank about that or miss a lot of details from what I read.

Market barriers have been politicized, by existing operators and their controllers, and, perseverance is not serving anyone any social justice I am afraid the system change was thought to be based on the rule of law, the change relates to the polity, the policy and its inter-dependencies, I thought sociology was known to most graduates, until I talked to a lawyer, whose profession makes the lawyer  a grim stereo type or a patriotic presenter of public relations, that does not go beyond a meaningless letters whose words are not worth the ink they are printed upon.   My elderly mother claims I am anti social, I feel like I am an introvert, however, this label does not hide the doubts, the retrospective negative traces of negativity in my experiences as influenced by others, and, their causalities in terms of tort and self-blame caused systematically or through  negligent or distracted corroboration of facts.


It is felt that people mistrust, still there are philosophical contradictions to such unilateral forms of making policies, they are detached, not impartial and representative,  not democratic or moral.

Many false and misleading hopes are written on digital marketing and printed paper some paper is considered more binding as there is a written agreement, or a digital agreement whereas concerns go beyond household budgets, and, there appears to be lack of redress of questions that relate to the wider political responsibility of a risk whilst the top guy is still playing cool and trying to entertain us with his public relations indicating there is no commitment to an answer.  There are many political and market uncertainties a speech I had listened to when I was still studying did inspire me to write about ethics, others felt they wanted more of my time, commitment or my money, therefore, it is felt that it is wise to be prudential.

The political goals are thus in conflict with each other.

Guaranteed minimum income requirements, should not be and cannot be non-binding to the statesman, who is responsible legally for the wellbeing of the territorial nation, and, the carousel of meetings is not convincing anyone that the current strategies are anything beyond a ride with their head in the wind.

The consensus needs to be achieved however unfortunately the measuring instruments used so far appear to have a very narrow statistical sample and media relations are being used to con-trick our consciousness instead of eliciting information in a scientific manner, to require a political solution from the governor and his thirty strongest associates because the rest could not make it to the meeting as they forgot to appoint a business representative to the meeting.  Goal setting has failed to deliver in terms that we can appreciate in our situation and repatriating foreigners based on their income levels question the very accounting systems manned by the same governor, all-in-all this is very confusing, whilst reductionist is naturally going to have a negative impact on our diplomatic reputation with other member states, at least so is the concern.  Focusing on policy-making has turned you  blind to our needs as many slogans in the realm of populism clearly indicate, our fears turn out to be correct when we receive a non-committed reply.

Our systems are not flawless unfortunately we need contingencies that are not just financial reservations,  but tend to ask for wider master-plans that do not just remain on paper and on file, they need to be evident in their accessibility to us, to start with, otherwise we will not reach credibility.

Statistics has given us a false sense of comfort in numeric literacy, this is a theoretic skill, like other skills available as researched methodologies and education-based knowledge, they are virtual, not real.

The priorities of the government are neutral and feel like they are neutral, it feels like talking to the man in the mirror most of the time.  Attributes required of reforms are probably so radical that  so far nobody has actually reformed them, they have been considered as idealistic because they can argue that they can  attribute them to  common goals, thus keep avoiding responsibility for neutrality.  Situational management has given the impression of transferring responsibility to undefined committees that have no real consular responsibility beyond being part of associations and forums appointed by the very government instead of its research library,  presumably.   It is clear that changes are demanding flexibility only in fractional parts of our credit card, this is an incremental illusion that deteriorates our disposable income over a longer period instead of a lump sum, and, it is disappointing to  see lack of insight into wider people, planet and non-profit goals, where many moral leaders are now limiting their commitment to particular dates, and, events that act as self-marketing so have a self-rewarding benefit which basically collects back free voluntary work, and, a sense of gratitude that serves to stimulate public trust, they are only doing advertising and paying less for the service as they might be selective through which channels they ask to communicate, we are still having a commercial interest nothing close to a moral lawbook as originally written in the Canon Law, unfortunately.

Infrastructure does require of us to move about,  and, to communicate and the groundworks of this preparation is less ambitious than I forecasted, it is downplayed as idealist whilst I envisage revenue streams comparable to those of larger European nations, I am very disappointed to have my ideas trivialised in this manner.

Cases that have left me feeling like the master mind of a plan I did not create, but analysed its investigation inspire me to write a poem in memory of those activists whose image has been left under the monument.

Condemnation, it's the  act of putrefaction, arising out of vindication,

Assault, abuse, demise, misuse,

You used the wrong device,

Thus, the acts of God,

I  will but nod,

For all life's worth, it's not very sane to have the will to keep you rolling in the dirt.

Is it money down the drain asked the performance analyst?






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