~ A Voice From Within ~



 From the ethers of the universe

I come to you

Made of atoms from the stars

I come to you



Because of you

I live

Because of me

you are truly alive



You are the passage way

The last step of my journey into being

Though we will part at some point

we will always be one



Whether my life be short or long

the chance to live at all is the greatest of gifts

In the eternal sands of time

a minute and a century are the same



When we meet face to face

I will seem so unknowing

Yet before you can teach me

to squeeze your finger

I will teach you the meaning of life



You will give me sustenance
and guide me into the physical

I will give you more joy

than you have ever known before



Together we are part

of creation moving forward

The universe is unfolding

Let us never be afraid…




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  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    Very beautiful and most moving.

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