What is it about dreamers that tends to disturb the conventional and shock the cold hearted? Is it the prospect of possibility? Or the wonders of wishful thinking? For a dream truly is the epitome of possibility, the definition of wonder, a glimmer of innocence in an otherwise troubled world. Those whom have the ability to dream, have acquired a blessed gift, a gift of being able to escape the chaos of the physical world at their own whim. A way in which to grow mentally and spiritually without the hinderance of outside influence. And this prospect alone is what strikes fear in the hearts of the conventional; for what does an unconventional mind do? It changes the bounds of what is percieved as normal, it creates new idiology and turns all previously known facts upside down; it breaks down social barriers, it is boundless and effortless.

Dreamers are often labeled as eccentrics; well, if a dreamers mind is the mind of an eccentric, then by all means, be proud of your eccentricities, for it is not the ideas of the conventional thinkers who change the world; it is the ideas of those courageous enough to think outside the bounds of social constraint.

The body and soul cannot be jailed, nor caged, if the mind is free. The mind is most powerful. Just as you would not cage the most beautiful of birds, the mind (which can create wonders beyond imagination) should also not be caged by means to regulation and structure. There is no structure when it comes to dreaming.

"Excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practicle, and expect more than others think is possible" — unknown


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