Well, I must have been busy enjoying the sunny days of summer and autumn, so didn't have time to blog.

However, winter began on the past Monday with the first dusting of snow. Then it snowed with a vengeance overnight making for a frigid, blustery Tuesday of 20+ below zero Celsius and a wind that blew the fallen snow about. I had a scheduled dentist appointment on Friday, and decided to cancel since I didn't wish to face walking to the dentist office in a small blizzard. I feared falling on the icy sidewalks. Alternatively, I could have taken a taxi, except that I had forgotten to get cash when I was at the mall the day before, and so I was home with only a couple dollars in cash. It didn't seem worth it to risk falling and walking in a blizzard only to have painful dental work done.

Winter is a tough time for me. I suffer from SAD with the short, short days. Short days with little sunlight. If I didn't have internet,I would have nothing to do and no people to communicate with. As it is, I don't even have a cable TV subscription. I read a couple of books a week which occupies my mind. But lately, I can't concentrate on reading, though I want to read.

To alleviate my loneliness, I asked the Seniors Center to connect me with a Friendly Visitor. A mature university student volunteer visits with me once a week. We either go out to Starbucks or she comes to visit me at home. I enjoy our social interactions very much. She is a Social Work student, so I feel free to talk to her about anything.

Another thing thatdepresses me and that I obssess about is the scandal involving the CBC radio host. I cringe in pain about the heinous acts he is alleged to have committed.

I hibernate in the winter. What else can I do?

Lonely Jane


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