So, I know I haven't posted in a few days. But, my friend/cousin came over. We're not related at all, but we've known eachother all our lives. She needed to get out of the house, and what happens? We get into a car wreck in Brandon. Yep, my mom, me, and my friend. It wasn't our fault, this guy in a 2014 kia sorento just pulled out in front of us, we had no time to stop.

Luckily, none of us were injured. My mother did decide to make things worse by 'passing out' in the car immedeitly after. We have a manual car, I barly know how to drive, and I had to figure out how to get it out of the middle of the three lane street while she's just itchin' for attention in the car. She went to two hospitals that day. Pain-pills, thats what she wanted.

Anyway, she's using this as a perfect excuse to not drive my sister and I to or from school, we have to walk both ways now. Which is wonderful. I've been really kissing her ass here lately and so I begged her to go get my Grandmothers Lincoln because I learned on it and I can drive it really good. So she won't have to drive, just sit in the passenger seat. I hope she will, I'll walk to school, but walking home sucks.

So, this week I'm pretty stressed. It's the last week of the first nine-weeks of the semester. I want all A's and B's but, I have one D, I'm trying to bring it up! But she won't give me make-up work, she's terrible at getting it. I'm hoping she will today, I want to bring it up to a B. I have to go to school everyday this week, which is really hard between my mother, my sister, and my anxeity. Well, atleast it getting cooler here in Florida. We have such bipolar weather, and I just want it to get cold, I love the cold. I love this time of year, Halloween, Thanks-giving, then Christmas. I just love it. Anyway, I have to go to school soon, I'll try to blog everyday, it's good for me.


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