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Stay Tuned for the release of my 1st book,
"FART IN THE WIND" This summer!

Here's a peek at it. I really hope you are blessed by it!





Biological Reasons We Pass Gas

Why Farts Stink

Different Words for Farting

Different Words for Feelings

Farting and Feelings-How they Relate

The Body's Mind and Emotions


Facts About Feelings

Positive and Negative Emotions

Things We Do With Our Feelings

Feelings, Thoughts and Beliefs

Feelings Inventory


The Sitting Position…Taking a Subtle Stance

The Standing Position…..Being Assertive


Things to Say After Farting

Types of Farters

Your Questions Answered




You sit quietly at a family gathering filled with loved ones, friends, and new acquaintances. There are rumbles among the relatives about past conflicts, gossip, and mistakes made in the past that still haven't been resolved. This gathering is about to become World War III in a matter of moments. Suddenly, you feel a rumble of a different nature. Your stomach feels as if it's expanding and ready to explode when, suddenly, it happens. You fart. It's not just a normal fart, either; but one of epic proportions. There is no avoiding the embarrassment. There is no hiding the truth. It's out. It's offensive, and you can't take it back.

The question is: Do you even want to? That fart released a pressure inside you that was making you uncomfortable, grouchy, and down right mean to everyone around you. It needed to be let out! But what about the emotional farts? What about the things that you keep inside of you that make you feel just as uncomfortable, grouchy, and down right mean? What happens when you let those rip?

Fart In The Wind is a comical, inspirational look at "emotional gas" and its effects on us and everyone involved in our lives. Written by acclaimed substance/alcohol abuse counselor Vivian Gale; Fart In The Wind teaches us how to release our gas and begin to heal our relationships while dealing with the offensive and embarrassing methods and results. This book will be passed on from Mothers to Fathers, parents to children, friend to friend, and co-worker to co-worker; and now Ms. Gale passes it on to you. Learn to Fart Without Fear.

Sonny Williams

"Fart in the Wind" is a Comedial, Inspirational, Self-Help Book, about Letting Go, and Successful Communication, with a surprisingly spiritual backdrop It compares the act and response to farting to the act and response to sharing feelings. Though releasing farts and feelings offers great physical relief, it brings embarrassment, shame and shock, along with the desire to run away from the scene. We hold in our gas like we hold on to our feelings. We are so afraid to let them out because someone might hear them or smell them, and know that we farted

Sharing those feelings with others is even scarier, because we're afraid of loss of friendships, judgement, and losing respect. The reality is-sometimes life stinks But once you let it out, the smell fades, the air is clean to breathe again and everyone's happy.

We deal with feelings constantly throughout every day, even if it only includes trying to hide the negative ones or, masquerade them. When you let out a fart that's really bad, and someone approaches you, at the exact same moment you realize they smell it- they realize you did it. They want to kill you or vomit, and you want to dig your own grave. Your eyes look like those of an innocent dumb deer, who's about to become road-kill. Time stands still-seconds become the longest dark day of your life. You're so horrified you break out in a cold sweat and wish you could just twinkle your nose and disappear.

I myself struggled a good portion of my life with stuffing emotions, scared of my own feelings, nearly destroying my life and relationships.

My twelve years experience as a Counselor, working with adolescent's, adults and families, specializing with addiction/substance abuse problems, has afforded me ample opportunity to witness the lack of communication skills individuals possess. It's astonishing. I have sat across the room from nurses-paralegal's-murders-drug dealers-robbers-thieves and child abusers who all shared the same problem as the average American family, from white to blue collar workers, to the everyday drug addict on the street. Effectively sharing their feelings. Improper communication, or lack of communication, is the biggest reason relationship's fail. Second only too purposely doing hurtful things.

This book will explore successful ways of "Farting Without Fear." And includes a CD of the "Fart in the Wind" song in the back cover. This is a book you'll read over and again, then pass on to a friend. It's a book mothers will give to their children, children to parents, teens to peers, bosses to employees, sisters to brothers, wives to husbands, and Counselors and Therapist to patients. And-I can't wait to give it to you.

Vivian Gale, AS., BA
Registered Counselor

[email protected]



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