I am so PISSED OFF!!!  Does she not have ANY RESPECT for him or me.  I am talking about my husband's ex-wife.  She was supposed to call me on wednesday or Thursday to tell me when and where to pick up my step-sons.  I know that this is our weekend and we are suppose to get them, but she left a message for me to come get the twins at her house which is over 30 miles (one way).  My husband and my father both told me not to drive my kia Sportage (a little SUV I like it.:)) over 10 miles away from home, because I have no spare tire.  Well with my husband working these unglodly hours and my parents at the lake.  I am NOT GOING to take a chance just because she  doesnt want to bring them to meet me at wal-mart in another town that is half way between where we live and where she lives.   She thinks just because the divorce papers says that my husband is to come and get them and take them home that we should just come to her beck and call.  She told her mother that her and her boyfriend have sinus infections or colds that we should drop everything just cause she said so.  I know that is what the divorce paper says, but gas is almost $4.oo a gallon here and I am not going to drop everything to give her what she wants.  She will probably call his grandmother and BEG HER to come after them, but I am already one step ahead of her.  His grandmother will not go after them and she has something she has to do tonight so I guess  we wont get them until tomorrow ( or his grandmother wont).  I wont be here I am leaving at 9 am in the morning to go to the lake to be with my family.  This is one TIME I AM STANDING MY GROUND!!!!!  My husband and my father told me to and I am NOT GOING TO GO AFTER THEM IN THE MORNING EITHER!!!!!  She called last weekend  (even when it wasnt our weekend) wanting us to get them.  We told HER NO!!!!! Before my husband and I married he did everything she wanted then when we got together he started standing his ground with her and she got mad because I said she is running all over you and expects you to drop everything to satisfy her.  I DONT THINK SO!!!! I AM SO PISSED OFF AT HER I COULD SCREAM!!!!!   I am standing my ground and if she calls I will tell her you can bring them to wal-mart or we wont get them at all.  She may [email protected] and call me a [email protected]  [email protected] but I dont care.  I am so sick of it.  Can you believe this when the boys were a year old she had them on an adult dose of anti-depressant so she wouldnt have to deal with them.  If that is a pissy mother I dont know what is.  I am so pissed off right now I could spit nails.  I need to just to go somewhere and let the windows to my suv down and just scream!!!!  She isnt getting her way this time I am just sorry.

  1. angels5888 13 years ago

    i dont blame you i had the same thing with my ex husband and my step kids, she was like the queeen calling al the shots, and what got me, he did whatshe wanted no matter what, now that sucks, she even left thema lone at nite, and we went and got them, and she didnt even know they were gone, how's that for a mom, im glad your husband stands by you, at least he has a backbone, good luck with that and have a nice holiday, huggggssss

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  2. Jack 13 years ago

    Hi Crystal, seems like you are in the middle of a divorce that IS still going on. Sooner than later, your husband and his ex-wife will have to realize that it is the kids that count not them. You are caught in the middle of this bad situation. I hope you have a very nice looooong weekend! You deserve it……Jack

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