I hate seeing my parents pissed mad. I feel so bad for my dad which makes me even more depressed.  We got new neighbours.. asshole guy claims he's a cop on disability.. agrees to put up a fence.. so my dad goes out gets all the material and does all the labour.. gives this bitch an invoice.. 6 weeks later this mother effer still doesnt pay up and my dad has had to go over several times asking for his money.. went over today with the final word and this bitch claims its obvious he doesnt have the cash meanwhile hasn't been an effing man to tell my dad this.. kept making lame excuses every week.. then he tells my parents he doesnt wanna discuss his financial situation and tells them to end the conversation and shuts the door in their face. I feel like hurting this mother effer.. just makes me so effing mad b/c my dad has already had to deal with a lot of shit regarding paternity and estate custody regarding my 1 year old nephew after his father recently passed away.. this is effing bullshit.. what drives people who are supposed to be your neighbours to act out such stupidity with no credentials.. and he's supposed to be an effing cop.. like what the fcuk.. im sick and tired of dealing with humans of such stupidity and no respect.. he was just rude and i wish for nothing but the worst for him.. i want him to suffer for the rest of his life.. it's hard enough when my father supports a single-income household with 5 children and a baby.. he's barely making ends meet after his 20% paycut. It's times like these where I think of harming people to their last breath. I'm such so friggen mad….


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