DISCLAIMER: I'm aware of the effects this disease has on people. This is a rant of someone who is in a relationship with someone with Fibro.

My fiancee was recently diagnosed with Fibro. It has had a signifigant, negative impact on our relationship. I've tried my hardest to hold her hand through it, but it's increasingly difficult. On top of being the only one with a job, I cook every meal, do the majority of the cleaning, change all the diapers, am the first one awake and the last one asleep. She doesn't even speak to me anymore. The only words she'll say to me are "Can I get a refill?" and "Will you go to ________ and get me _________?" She spends all day- and by all day, I mean from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed- on Facebook or playing computer games. We haven't had sex in months. She doesn't even kiss me anymore. When I try to hold her hand, she jerks it away from me as if I have some kind of flesh-eating bacteria.

About an hour ago, I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie with Nathan and I. Of course, she said "no." She went on to tell me how being on the computer is the only thing that keeps her mind off the pain. As I walked away, I said "Well I'm sorry we don't do that for you."

I can't even collect all of my thoughts right now. I fucking hate this disease and don't know why the hell our house has to be cursed by it.

If you have this or live with someone who does, could you please enlighten me on how to deal with this? Am I being selfish? At 25, should I just accept that this is how it's going to be from now on?

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  1. Kupkake 11 years ago

    Thanks for understanding and responding, guys. 

    Mstrhawk- I've tried tough love.  She just gets mad at me for holding things over her head and then makes me feel like an asshole for being insensitive to her needs. 


    We're supposed to be getting married in April, but I don't know how I feel about that anymore.  This has taken more than her health.  It's destroyed both of us.  I try to be the strong one, and now I'm back to drinking and thoughts of suicide because I have no one to vent to.  She will not acknowledge my problems, but how can I blame her when she's in pain all the time?  But then what kind of person would I be to leave her?

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