So guys! haven't blogged here in a while, it's cause i've been super busy O.o the play is turning out better than expected, if not horribly frustrating. The final and only performance is tonight, we have yet to do it on the actual stage or with the actual costumes but we're gonna do that like 2 hours before the play. Hope the kids will have patience for it this time^^! Adrianna is great at her part despite only being able to make it to just one rehearsal 🙂 she's pretty awesome and we're gonna get pie sometime 😀 first time i've courted a girl in forever and a day lol she's freakin adorable, she has this cute little septum ring, and real cool tattoos, but she doesn't have that kind of personality which just makes it that much cuter, she's amazingly nice.

Well right now here's my schedule, i woke up at 545, went to school for an early morning review for polysci till 820, now i'm at the library writing this blog, but i can only take up 5 more min, because i have to write an extra paper for my mythology class by at least 5 o'clock today, somewhere between 9-10 i'm going to go to the union for free food, and around 9:30 i'm gonna head over the the LEAP classroom to see if Dr. B wants me to do anything else for the play, then off to my mythology class, where i'll be busy typing away at my extra paper, and continue that after my mythology class, and then find a place to stash my computer as i go over to the Marriot Dancing Center to help get the play ready, i might show up a bit late to that part to make sure i get my paper done today.

I missed the All That Remains concert even though i had a ticket because i had to go to the stupid play rehearsal D: and i brought a box of fruit by the foot that i got for easter, and they ate it all. Well, sharing is caring lol i'm gonna write my brother an email so he doesn't get lonely on his last couple weeks of his mission and then start my paper.

I took an A.D.D pill today so my head is gonna feel funny, my apetite is going to be nonexistent, and my jaw is gonna ache from all of the grinding i'm going to be doing. The things we do for school :p

OH! update time! i've been successful with some of my goals, the important ones at least.

1rst, i'm up at Week 3 day 3 for the winning spree, after that i've also have not partaken of soda in that time, i have been eating breakfast more regularly, i simply haven't had time to work out :/ but i'll have time to work out and hike and start running again when school is out 🙂 also because of my lack of time i have not kept a regulated sleep schedule. I've done okay on homework but twice this week when i should have done homework i was too stressed and depressed for different reasons to attempt. I'm starting to finally get over stupid Jess, though i'm worried about Lyndsey, she's being pressured from all sides to date different people and it's no bueno.. okay i've been on here to long. Got to write paper. Bye!!



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