So I finally got some sleep last night… All yesterday I was miserable. I had a headache, I was tired, and I was hot. So I get home and my mom's 'guy friend' was there. The only good thing that came out of that was my boyfrined got to stay over till about 7. We played checkers and everytime my mom and her 'friend' left the living room… we'ld pretty much make-out… I ended up being cmpletely covered in black perminant marker which just made me laugh. So I started covering him in perminant marker. then we'ld get in a tickling war and end up kissing afterward, our silent make up. Everything got a little hectic when my sister came over… My mom and her friend left to pick up one of our cars that had been in the shop for like 2 weeks. My sister was in the bathroom straightening her hair and, of coursse, me and my boyfriend we making out in the living… Then my sister sneakingly came out of the bathroom and caught us…. Talk about awkward. Then I find out that she told mom… Talk about trouble. Right when my boyfriend left she glared at me. I though I was going to get yelled at but I never did. Thank god because I still had that headache.

Turns out that my tooth is HURTING. When I was eating dinner (which was hamburgers) I take one bite on my left side and my nerves sent a message to my brain that it hurt like Hell. I had to eat on my right side but even that didn't work out well because if I took a really big bite than it would make it's way to my left side and I'd bite down just to shreek. I don't know when my mom will try to get to the dentist but i hope it's soon. I can't enjoy eating… good thing I don't eat much… hehe. The morning I tried to eat and I forgot that my tooth was hurting so i instinctivly start to chew on the left side of my mouth. I shreek and my mom looks at me. It hurts worst than yesterday. So I have to eat on my right side. That' not that dominant side of my mouth. So my jaw starts to hurt after just eating a little bit… *sigh* Oh well….

After getting a good nights sleep and having a good ending to my day, I still feel depressed. LIKE WHAT THE HELL?! My butterfly is still there though. And it will always be there… Well, untill it fades. Then I'll have to make another one. Going to crawl in a dark hole now.. bye bye…



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