So…i’m a freshman in high school and i’m goin’ through some stuff… (1)I was sexually assaulted by a 20 year old man who told me I was everything, and I believed it…until we got caught, I felt so stupid when I waled through the door at 12am hearing my parents looking for me.(2) My grandmother abused my last summer by beating me in the face with a metal coat hanger and pressed me against the wall with her body weight as I told her I couldn’t breath (Happened during the summer of 2020). Then a week ago from today, I had told her about the sexual assault situation and when I hung up she accidentally sent me a voice mail basically bragging how she abused me, after telling me,” I understand how you feel, I know you don’t want this to go around the family.”(bla bla bla) And I believed her..but now I cant talk to her after the case is closed and that man is in jail. (3)Now today 4/29/2021 my “boyfriend” punched me in the arm 4x because he was mad and wanted me to break up with him…which I didn’t understand…so I told my counselor and they have to pull tapes and talk to the witnesses who saw it happen..but I still like him, but… im not gone let no punk ass nigga put his hands on me…sooo (let me calm down) I have a lot of things to think about and how i’m not going to let these things take me off track. I plan to finish my 4 years and get my Cosmetology License, go to college, and live my live as a successful young black women.


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