Well, I finally slept really well for the first time in days. Wohooo! I think a lot of it was that everybody was home and I wasn't alone anymore. That and the fact that I busted my butt at work last night, lol. But it was good for me, and I know that. I came home tired and was glad for it. I forgot to take my second dose of Ritalin yesterday afternoon (oops) but that probably helped me sleep too.

We have nothing really planned for this weekend except we need to go grocery shopping and we're going to go buy a sucker fish for the big tank ~ it needs one badly! Aaron and I are trying to plan to go out to dinner just the two of us tonight ~ have Zachary's Grammy watch him until we get done. I'm pretty sure she'll be happy to have him for awhile. If she can't we'll ask Dad (Aaron's Dad) to see if he'd be willing. Huh. Well I guess there ARE some plans afterall, lol.

This morning has been a good one so far, except for the usual squabbling between Aaron and Zachary. Those two, I swear, will be the death of me. They're more like brothers than father and son sometimes. It makes me bananas.

Already it's about 90 degrees here. I think I may see if we can afford one of those pools that my friend Nancy was talking about. It would make things SO much better! Then we wouldn't have to go somewhere to cool off during the heat, and it wouldn't cost us to get in either. The drive to the beach is pretty long for us because we're between causeways over the river and it takes us a half hour to get there. Besides, it's not much fun for Zach when he doesn't have a friend to go with him. I'm afraid of waves, as I've said before, so I really don't go in. That and I don't like sand in my bathing suit!

Andie, I'll have to try what you said about covering the back half of the birdcage and using a gloved hand to try to get her out and retrain her. She bites the hell out of me when I do try to get her out, but I don't let that deter me. I'm just worried about freaking her out when I do that to her. She gets panicky any time I put my hands in the cage. We'll figure it out though. I refuse to give up on my baby girl. 🙂

Even the cats are hot. They're laying upside down with their bellies showing to relieve some of the heat. I'm betting my kitties won't want to stay outside too long ~ they're used to the air conditioning.

Today I'm going to wear my new shorts and shirt to make me feel pretty. 🙂 I'm betting Aaron will like them too. He's just grumpy whenever I spend ANY money on clothes. But I think I did pretty good. Not only did I buy stuff that was at a decent price but I also got 15% off because on Fridays anyone with a Beall's card under 49 gets that perk. That's why I always go on Fridays when I do go. My Mom really liked her earrings. I was so glad. They were one of the most expensive parts of the shopping! I was blown away, I even got a kiss from her last night! That's unheard of! She hasn't done that since I was a little kid.

Work last night was crazy busy, as I suspected it would be. But my manager last night got me out the door at 5 after 9 p.m. and took over the line herself. I love it when Cheyenne's at the desk, because she's not afraid to work. Her job is to make sure everything goes smoothly and that customers are happy and the workers are taken care of. God I wish I could just get more hours!

I'm looking forward to today, despite the squabbling between Aaron and Zach. I can feel it, it's going to be a good day. Even though I have to start laundry and take care of the animals and cook tonight, I feel capable of it all today.

Hope everybody's Saturday is great or at least peaceful!


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